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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Well, if we're going to try and leave as soon as possible, we might as well all roll up our sleeves and do what we can to get the more unfortunate members of our company on their feet again. Point me in the right direction, I suppose~

Though I suppose I need to make it clear that I have no intent on stealing any glory~ I know how much social credit you can earn by playing the Valkuria. Hm, Lady Celeste, you seem especially dedicated to healing the sick and wounded and downtrodden~ There's no need to strike so many poses, you know, we all see how hard you're working. Your adoration from the masses will not be lost~
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My, it's almost as if people have been intentionally keeping choice gossip from me. I wonder how long you all thought that would be viable?

[Filter: Kail]

And what really alarms me and surprises me about all of this is that people call me cruel. How quaint that is, considering.
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[Filter: Fayre]

Oh, I tried, really, but discretion just isn't my way.

Lord Kail wrote just the most adorable thing in his journal recently. You have to see it~
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[Filter: Fayre]

It just seemed best to wait and see, for now.
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[Filter: Fayre]

Well, which is it?

Is this a fluke, or is it a pattern? You seemed eager enough to believe it was the former, on that first day, and as far as I see, it's only become more and more certain with every passing lonely day. And you have still yet to pick up your pen and write a word where you might be seen doing so, so you clearly think we have a reason to hide.

Are we hunting, or not? You may be able to ignore the itch under your fingernails and between your shoulderblades, temper it with all your affection, but I don't labour under those same concerns and I am going mad.
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[Filter: Scouting Group]

Ooh, are we stopping again~? How exciting.

Tell me, Lady Celeste, are we going to get to watch you amble about for an hour before telling us that you were probably mistaken~? I've enjoyed that so very much the last twenty times you've done it! The only thing I've liked better is when you've sat down to concentrate and fallen asleep and we've had to make camp early!

This is so exciting~
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Really, the Koriner tradition of the grand melee is like a microcosm for the entire nation, isn't it? A bunch of people gathering together and fighting over something that has no meaning whatsoever, and then the winner has the dubious honour of cleaning up the mess that they left behind~

Tsk, honestly, Gebann, is this how you want your loyal vassals to celebrate your birthday~?
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[Filter: Fayre]

I know that this is going to seem very conveniently timed, but I swear I've been chewing my stomach apart ever since I made that incredibly ill-considered entry last week. I won't try and justify what an ass I was because that would just make me more of an ass. I was being ridiculous and I am sorry.

-- that said, a conversation about today's twist wouldn't be unwelcome, if you have any desire to talk to me.
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[Filter: Lady Fayre]

You must really be so glad to have all of your friends back here where you can see them~ You must have gotten so worried, really, having them far away and in questionnable status, even with occasional updates. Have you spoken to them, yet? Privately, of course? I know you speak to them publically whenever the chance arises.
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Dammit --

Get out of the way!
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[Filter: Private]

She's yet to mention it, that lost memory ...

Surely, she must think of it. Or think of the blank space where it used to be. If I had lost something to precious as she had, I would think of nothing else. But she acts as though it never happened, she and Terrance and Maeve ... all of them.

I wonder if that's a side effect of the orb. If it's impossible to care about something that you no longer can believe truly happened.

Can you miss something you don't know you had?

... dark thoughts.

[Filter: Lady Fayre]

Tsk, are you certain I can't come with you? I'm so bored!
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[Filter: Fayre]

I'm not sure he can make it.
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[Filter: Fayre]

Well, finally.

Not only did we get to have a long talk with the madame, you now have a monetary value assigned to your allure~ Now, don't pout, I know it sounds low, but this is Korin.

Now, what am I going to buy myself, with all this gold~?
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[Filter: Fayre, Gebann, Terrance]

Well, I heard something fascinating down in the barracks, just now, and I immediately opened my journal. I know that Terrance was keeping an ear open for us, but --
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[Filter: Private]

... it was his birthday.

I suppose you've probably put that together, by now, haven't you? He died, and I have this thing about me with birthdays, and now that you know who he was and what he meant to me and everything that comes along with it, it's not so big a stretch as that, is it?

It's not that I hate these days because they remind me that he's gone and it makes me more sad than usual. I remember he's gone every moment of every day and it's impossible for me to be any more sad about it than I always am. -- I'd say it's not my nature to be melancholy for arbitrary reasons, but that's not true at all, is it? That's completely my nature. But it was never his, and -- well. Yes.

It's just the whole trajectory of the day. Michael always went on about how a birthday was the day when all the world revolved around you. And -- you met my parents, I'm sure you can imagine that my mother viewed things the same way. Endlessly positive people infect you with endlessly positive energy, and being around them both for so long, it was easy to get convinced of their ridiculousness. Of course a birthday is a day where the stars align and everything goes your way. Of course nothing can possibly go wrong. Of course things will somehow just become perfect.

And then he died. On his birthday. No cosmic balancing hand swept down and held it off for twenty-four hours. It didn't matter. He died, like it was just another day.

Because it was. And now that I understand that in such undeniable terms, assigning special meaning to it always feels as though I'm spitting on what happened to him. If a birthday means anything at all, it wouldn't have --

Cheery talk, I know. Really, you've all benefited greatly from my unique brand of madness~ You'd have hated to have met the real me. So cloyingly melancholy.

What is this, exactly?

... well, it's an apology. I think. Yes, that's what it is. I'm sorry I ignore your birthday. I'm sorry I took five years to tell you mine. It's awful of me. I can't help it. I don't like birthdays. Fuck birthdays.
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[Filter: Fayre and Gebann]

Hm, well, thanks to the information that Lady Fayre managed to squeeze out of dear, absent Sir Terrance, who is currently most likely regretting his deicison to leave Sir Sawyer behind, I think I've managed to narrow down our list of possible cheap wine drinkers, as we had hoped~

There are exactly nine women of any real clout in the military who have the reputation of enjoying poor wines. It seems like a low number, I know, but those stars don't align as often as one might think, shocking as it is~

Here is the list of names:


Impressive detective work on my behalf, I would say~ Rewards or appreciation are very much appreciated.
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[Filter: Fayre and Gebann]

I think it's about time that we gave up on the bottle. Curious and interesting as it is, it's really leading us nowhere, isn't it~? It's a clue, certainly, but it's not a trail. A trail is what we need ...


Well~? Ideas?
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

My word! Truly, it was the right thing to do to summon me here~

Now, just what is the point of this room, then~? From the look of the costumes, we seem to have stumbled into some sort of ... well, truly, I can't imagine. A dark and truly wondrous land, to be sure.

Lady Celeste! Really! I never would have imagined you had this in you~! Why, you look positively ravishing! Really, you should be showing that figure off a little more, I'd say. I had no idea the scope and breadth of the assets you possess~! Tsk, and please, don't be offended or feel as if you're being mocked, because I am being entirely sincere and without agenda~
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Hm, well, let's see, then~

This is all very different from what was described to us, now wasn't it? The way our dear beefy friends outlined the scenario, we should be facing more a wild grand melee, no? Ah, but this, this is more ... a wall, I suppose, a wall made up of shadow creatures. Aside from those jumpy little fellows, they all seem to move as one group, and all but ignore us, don't they?


One thing is for certain, the rest of you weren't lying~ How fun this is~
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[Filter: Fayre]

There's really no use being enigmatic anymore, is there? Not about this. About us ...

I don't suppose you want to hear me ... babble. It might be nice, even, to just ...

This day has been a damn wound in me for so long, and now that you've -- met him, I suppose, I ...

Ah, just look at me~ Tongue-tied, really, how some of our companions would shake their heads and not help but laugh.
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