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"Every actor is a liar, and every liar is an actor. So, in way, we're all being true to ourselves."


Name: Elden
Country: Claims to be Dentorian or Kanemorian. Actually citizen of Korin.
Class: Sage (promoted from shaman)
Age: 22232425 26
Family: Father // [?], Mother // [?]
Languages: Trade [fluent], Korin [rusty], Dentorian [very good], Old, High, and Old High Dentorian [perfect accent, not much knowledge, adaptable for playing classical roles], Atsirian [speak only, poorly]
Weapon Proficiencies: Light Magic, Unarmed
Birthdate: October 4th, 600 [Libra]
Blood Type: B


Few know anything about Elden's past. He was born in a southern Korin town not far from the Dentorian border. At some point in his youth, he was close friends and lovers with another young man named Michael, who died in some unexplained way. After that, he decided to leave his home. And so he did.

Elden's been a traveler since then. He spends most of his time with acting troupes, but often switches his tune to mercenary when the money acting brings in isn't as good as it can be.

In recent years, he's met up with the dancer, Fayre and those she keeps company with, and has made himself into a member of their company. He follows her single-mindedly for reasons of his own.

He lives for the theatre, and is happiest when he is performing in any capacity.


Clever, mischevious, easy-going, eccentric and charming, Elden is rarely seen completely serious. There is a permanent mild, playful smile on his face, and even when he is very seriously discussing an issue which he has personal interest vested in, his expression never wavers.

There appears to be a more serious side to him, however, he can turn frighteningly intense in response to certain triggers, which has begun to become a more and more frequently seen aspect of his personality.

Elden is quite the flirt, knowing that his feminine looks, charming half-smile and pleasant tenor voice are rather hard to resist. Gender doesn't matter much to him, he claims that since he's pretty enough for either gender, it would be rude to leave anyone out. He's never seen much need to discrimate. He's quite experienced in the pleasures of the flesh.

He speaks in overly flowery language and tones, using the words to build up an image of himself as a smooth-talking, cultured fellow, as he knows that intelligence often incurs respect, and from that, trust.

Occassionally, it becomes very clear that Elden's thought process isn't exactly normal, that he has a complicated and not quite correct view of the world in general, and that the person he seems to be is nothing more than just another role he plays. Overall, he does a decent job seeming like a normal person, but there is a great deal more to him than the flirtatious actor there seems to be.


A very pretty young man, with pale blonde hair, fair skin, sapphire eyes, and delicate features. He's quite tall, but very, very thin. He wears fine clothes, believing that the clothes make the man, and has his right ear pierced.


[[elden is played by [info]northswainglow for [info]himitsu_sensou. his pb is fye d. flowright from tsubasa: resevoir chronicle.]]

Interests (18):

acting, art, being flippant, being odd, clothes, flirting, flirting with anything, flirting with straight men, having sex, literature, lying, making men doubt sexuality, men, messing with minds, performing, sex, theatre, women
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